Monday, January 18, 2010

You've Just Been Pwned

I'm sorry XBOX Live gamertag FLESH STORM. I didn't mean to rape you. Nor did I mean to embarass you. It's're bad. Like epic bad. Like Ishtar bad. Seriously, Bad just apologized to you for stealing your name. Enjoy your lonely, pathetic exsistence. I'll wave at you from the winner's circle. Peace out, nancy boy.

Here's the story...

It was awesome. I raped on Wasteland and Derail - 20 plus kills and single digit deaths. 1st place both matches. We lost both because not another person on my team had double digit kills. Of course on Wasteland I was noob-tubing. That pissed him off and he bitched at me afterward. Then on Derail, I ran around silent and killed EVERYONE. He got the winning kill on me with a RPD by wasting a half of clip and camping in a rail car. No joke. After the match, he bragged that he shot me in the ass. I responded, "You fired 50 shots, you were bound to hit me at least once." That pissed him off more. Then he left. Poor baby. Oh yeah, he sounded like he was my age so that made it better. Plus, his own team laughed at him. Priceless.

And boom goes the dynamite. I hope you brought your lube because you just got fucked!

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