Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The A-Team: Earning an A for Awesomeness! Reviews and Critques from Around the Net

Don't be afraid to read this post. There are NO spoilers below. I would not do that to A-Team fans.

I just got back from my 2nd showing of The A-Team. It gets better each time. I plan on going again Monday or Tuesday. A few people have questioned the quality of the movie. My response? Don't worry about it. Go and enjoy The A-Team for what it is — a fun, explosive, quick-witted summer tent pole movie. It doesn't try to be The Godfather or The Shawshank Redemption. It stays close enough to the original TV series to make the Fanboys happy while also creating enough personality to stand on it's own.

Don't believe me? See for yourself...watch the trailer HERE.

Here are review snippets from around the world...

Plays the overkill card and wins!Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Wise-Cracking A-Team Blows Stuff Up. -Wired

It's just flat-out fun, with a cheeky sense of humor - way more enjoyable than you might expect.Associated Press

It's not just the action that makes the movie go, the cast is great.Seattle Post-Intelligencer

The A-Team is completely insane, totally preposterous, and sort of wonderful, in a junk food kind of way.Flick Filosopher

The latest TV remake finally delivers what the multiplex has been sorely lacking: pure, unabashed fun.News-a-Rama

True to the decade that inspired this movie, nothing's too big, too bold, too shameless.New York Daily News

The A-Team might be selling itself as an action flick, but in its heart of hearts, it's just a hopeless bromantic.Washington Post

Overflowing with what sounds like billions of bullets and beaucoup broken glass, this film version of the hit 1980s TV series about soldiers of fortune is an experience.Los Angles Times

If you like over-the-top summer action movies, you’ll leave the movie entertained and happy.Hot Indie News

I love it when a plan comes together!Empire Movies

The A-Team is a gigantic pile of ear-deafening nonsense, but it is brisk and goofy and well shot.Miami Herald

Backed by a great cast, breathtaking visual effects and a sharp script, almost everything goes according to plan.WSOC Channel 9

Pity the fool who misses The A-Team!Merced Sun-Star

I’m starting to wonder if The A-Team isn’t actually close to brilliant.Movie Line

The A-Team aspires to be a big, dumb and stupid action movie, and it fulfills that goal.Northwest Herald

The A-Team is loud and dumb. In other words, the perfect summer movie.The Colorado Springs Gazette

The action sequences flow beautifully and have a great energy about them.Taiwan News

A throwback of sorts, it reminds us of a time when action movies weren’t drenched in blood, unnecessarily profane, sexually overt or dumb as a sack of hammers.Gwinnett Daily Post

The action is first-class, and the acting cheesy enough from all concerned to do the original TV series proud.Today

A fine time is had by actors in roles that are often as meaty as they are silly. They balance bravado, noble or corrupt, with appropriate irony, almost as if according to plan.Seattle Times

It's arguable that no one has ever produced a movie that's this jam-packed with bluster and noise, hurtling metal, hair-breadth escapes, eyeball-filling explosions, snark-under-pressure one-liners, and so-gung-ho-it's-almost-nostalgic American ass-kickery.Entertainment Weekly

It's big, loud and ludicrous. But pity the fool who lets that stand in the way of enjoying The A-Team.Rolling Stone

Makes no apologies for this absurdity; it struts around with enough bravado to fill 1,000 locker rooms. And why shouldn't it? This movie delivers! -Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Still don't believe me that The A-Team is a wild ride? Check out the movie yourself. Buy tickets at MovieTickets.com HERE.

Also, one last thing, if you’re a fan of the show, stay past the credits.

Please understand that I'm an A-Team Fanboy. You can tell me the movie sucks. You can nitpick it til the cows come home. You will not change my mind. You can try. But you WILL fail.

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