Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Humiliation Game Starring Woiverine 4

I'm not sure why Woiverine 4 (not a typo) got so mad at me for raping him. It's not like I went 6-0 against him. Oh, wait. I did. Wow. He must suck at Black Ops. Oh, wait. He does. He even sent me a nice voice message after the game. (You can view the video of the match on YouTube.)

"Hey dude. I'm glad you, ah, got your rank by cheating. Cuz you're a little, fucking cheating ass faggot. And bandwagon jumping. Hi, I'm a Packers fan because they won the Super Bowl. You probably take it in the ass from your fucking big brother, you little fuck."

So I replied...

"Wow. Big words. Although I can't expect intelligence from a Michigan fan. And I'm not sure why you thought I was cheating. It's called talent. You should try it sometime."

And since he had not yet used the other ten words in his vocabulary, he came back with this gem...

"Yeah, you're about as good as those faggot ass Wisconsin Badgers. When's the last time they won something? Oh, that's right. They're not winners, they're losers just like you. So enjoy stroking your Dad's dick before you go to bed tonight so you can go to sleep, you little faggot."

Since I was starting to feel bad about his condition, I sincerely replied with...

"You have a weird fascination with fags and men sucking dicks. You should get that looked it. It could fester. What? Oh, no. Sorry about that."

He also sent a voice message about me saving up soda can money to afford a mic. I have one. I was using it to party chat with Murda while we made fun of him.

By the way, I think we can go to the scoreboard. He went 7-11 in the round and I went 19-12.

And since I was bored, I posted our stats below.

I have a better win to loss ratio. My best win streak is higher. (Lunchbox37 +1)

I have a better kill to death ratio. My best kill streak is higher. (Lunchbox37 +2)

In almost the same amount of time played, I have about 15,000 more kills. (Lunchbox37 +3)

I am more accurate. (Lunchbox37 +4)

I was better in my last 10 games than he was. (Lunchbox37 +5)

So in general, I'm Winning because I'm the Warlock with Tiger Blood!

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