Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When All My Built Up Hope, Excitement and Anticipation Goes...POOF!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I was anticipating the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for the 360. I had the Hardened edition pre-ordered since April and the Prestige edition since May. November 10th could not have come soon enough. There I was Tuesday morning waiting in line at Best Buy to pick it up. After a LONG day of work, I raced home to play. After a hour long delay, (Damn, those goggles are fun!) I was ready to kill. I went through the single player campaign on Regular. Then on Veteran. And for a third time on Recruit. In between, Murda and I crushed the Special Ops missions. To this point, we have earned 66 of the possible 69 stars. Everything up until that point was what I imagined. It was glorious. It was awe-inspiring. It was worth the money.

Then came the online multi-player...

First off, Infinity Ward disabled Party chat during the match. (Party chat is for groups of up to 8 XBOX Live friends that can chat with each other no matter what game or activity they are doing individually. It's awesome. I can be killing, a buddy can be playing UNO and another checking Facebook, but we can all be talking together.) Party chat in this game? Nope. OUTLAWED. Fuck that. And because of that, Murda and I had to listen to the other players. That was the main reason behind gripe number 2.

There are WAY too many kids and racists playing this game. The game is rated M for mature. Kids under 18 should not even be playing it. Where are their parents? Boozing it up, that's where. Its probably the reason why the kids are so fucked up. Seriously, grow the fuck up. If I ever met you in real life, I'd fucking punch you in the head. Then I'd punch your Dad in the head. Then your Mom. Then the person standing next to your Mom out of spite for being in the same general area.

If the 10-year-old racists weren't bad enough, the "pros" I played with were. And by "pros," I mean the fucking no talent ass clowns that have nothing to do all day, but play. You know the ones. The ones that can skip school because their parents are too drunk to notice or the ones that have no job and sit in their parents' basements, smoking pot and reminiscing about the "glory" days of high school when they did that one "cool" thing that nobody remembers, but them. Basically, retards.

During the first match I played, I had no idea of the map layout, what guns were good for that map or where the killing zones were. Plus, I was playing with 1 of the 3 guns (which are all crap) the game starts you with. Needless to say, I started 0-6. All of sudden everyone on my team starts dumping on me, taunting me and telling me how much I suck. (Except Murda who was in the same boat. He was not running around all crazy-like so he didn't get shot up like me.) Let's just say that pissed me off. Just a bit. Maybe a bit more than a bit. I could have choked out a nun. I was a little upset. So I focused and rattled off a 10 kill streak to finish 10-6. My team lost by 1 kill, but I finished third. In the lobby after the game, I didn't hear anyone bitching or laughing at me. Funny. I wonder why? Maybe because a guy, who played his first match, without a basic knowledge of the map and playing with the starting guns, just bitch slapped you fucks up and down the map.

After that first match, Murda and I quit and played Battlefield: Bad Company...

Needless to say, we won the first Battlefield match after not playing that game in over 2 weeks. Did I mention I finished first overall and Murda and I won best squad? Oh yeah. We're fucking good.

Will I go back to mult-player on CoD: MW2? Probably. It's just so deflating when something I looked forward to for a long ass time, disappoints. (Kind of like the "Crying Game." Having a great time with someone that gets you and loves you for you and then, BAM!, a penis shows up.) However, the game is just too damn good to put on a shelf. Nevertheless, I will always be wary of the racist kids and the good-for-nothing wannabe pros. But don't worry. I'll kill them...eventually. (In the game, I mean. Of course, of course.)

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