Sunday, March 14, 2010

Activision Can Go Fuck Itself

First of all, it's about fucking time. New maps should be out within 90 days of release and then again after 180 if there are still plenty of gamers playing. (Which CoD:MW2 will still have.)

Here's IW and Activision clever site about a stimulus package called, "Mapathy."

Unfortunately, the only thing it will stimulate is the wallet of Activision.

I'm not sure if everyone's heard (Check out Major Nelson's Podcast HERE) but the new maps for CoD:MW2 are going to be 1200 points ($15.) There are 3 brand new maps and 2 maps updated from CoD4:MW. The old maps are Overgrown and Crash. Not even great maps.

I would have been okay with Crossfire (my personal favorite) and Strike. Overgrown always had way too many snipers and Crash was one sided depending on what end you spawned.

I'm not giving Activision my money for this set. Maybe if they drop it to 800 points ($10.) And even that is high considering there are really only 3 new maps. They better get the lube ready for everyone they're about to fuck. Hey Activision, GO FUCK YOURSELVES!

If you want to express your displeasure, tweet IW's Robert Bowling at @fourzerotwo. Also, add #MW2StimulusSucks

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