Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why the U.S.A. Needs Health Care Reform...

We need health care reform. And this is my story why...

I received three bills from my insurance company on Friday. I intentionally did not open them until 15 minutes ago so they would not ruin my weekend. I was astonished when I opened them.

The first was from the original Nurse Practitioner that I saw. I went in and she looked at my sinuses and called them "boggy." I never realized that was a medical term, but I guess it is a new age term. The statement said my bill was $111.00. (Negotiated insurance price was $111.00. Yeah for insurance!) Basically, I went in and was told to go somewhere else for a CT scan. That was money well spent. I would have been better off investing in a Nigerian Prince's gold.

The second was for the CT scan. It was for $348.00 (Negotiated insurance price was $278.40.) This one does not irritate me too much. I understand that the machine is expensive and the hospital needs to recoup that expense. Okay, whatever. I'll move on.

The third bill was by far the most mind-blowing one of all. It was from the St. Nicholas hospital. Before I tell you how much it was, I'll tell you what they did for me. I checked in and waited for 20 minutes before an admissions clerk could see me. (It was 7:30 in the morning and NOT busy at ALL.) In the 5 minutes I spoke with her, all she did was take my insurance information and tell me where the CT scan room was. I got to the CT scan room and waited for another 20 minutes before the scan. Then I was scanned for 5 minutes and out the door I went. And before I reveal the cost, do not forget I was already charged for the actual CT scan. So how much did this little encounter cost?

$1,056! (Negotiated insurance price was $792.00.)


I was only helped for 10 minutes. That equates to $105.60 A FUCKING MINUTE! Nobody is worth that. And that is why the United States of America needs health care reform. Insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, and Congress only see dollar signs.

All they see is dollar signs.

Until we get reform that benefits the end user, but is fair for everyone, the little guy will ALWAYS get pinched. All in the name of profits.

And I do not care if this guy...

President Barack Obama

...or this guy...

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

...or EVEN this guy...

Political Guru and Conspiracist Extraordinaire Alan Horn

...or MAYBE EVEN this guy...

Founder of Communism Karl Marx

...fixes the system. As long as someone fixes it. And I will be the first to admit that I am NOT smart enough to fix it alone. Then again, NO ONE IS SMART ENOUGH TO FIX IT ALONE! Nevertheless, egos and political affliations will always prevent AMERICANS from working together to solve a NATIONAL problem. I know, I know. Working together? What a novel concept.

And it's not that I cannot pay, it's that I should not have to pay THAT MUCH. The cost of seeing a doctor is RIDICULOUS! No wonder people do not go to the doctor. They're better off dying from a disease than from the stress of paying the bills!

So until the system is reformed, the current health care system can...


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