Monday, July 13, 2009

What is Wrong with this Picture?

It pains me to see two ex-Brewers earn spots in the All-Star game. Nelson Cruz would look awesome in the Brew Crew outfield this year and Francisco Cordero would definitely be a boost to the bullpen.

Hindsight is 20/20 though. I do not fault Melvin much. He offered Cordero a comparable contract to stay. So no fault there. However, Nelson Cruz had to be included to get Cordero and Mench. (Are you fucking kidding me? Kevin Mench? I hope he's enjoying the Japan leagues.) Nonetheless, Texas did place Cruz on waivers so the Brewers could have gotten him back for nothing. That was a missed opportunity.

Cordero pulled a Steve Miller Band and took the money and ran so fuck him. He left a contender for the Reds. (Really? The Reds? Obviously, winning was not a requirement for you.) You can take your 40 million dollars, you're hollow stats, the Reds 90 plus losses and then go fuck yourself. Cruz? I can only imagine a murderers row of Braun-Fielder-Cruz. That 3-4-5 would be comparable to the best of all-time. Yes. Best. Of. All. Time.

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