Friday, July 31, 2009

MLB Trading Deadline

So the trading deadline has come and gone and the Milwaukee Brewers did not make a major move. I'm glad Alcides Escobar (below, #71) and Mat Gamel (below, #24) are still Brewers. Claudio Vargas (left) was the only move the Brewers made. It strengthens the bullpen and maybe they can stretch him out and move him into the starting rotation. Plus, the Brew Crew gave up basically nothing for him.

Most fans were spoiled after the C.C. trade. That trade comes about once a decade. For Brewers' fans, once a generation. To put those expectations on Doug Melvin would be unfair...and wrong.

Yes, the Brewers could have mortaged the future for a run at the wild card. So what? The Brewers did that last year. We should keep our prospects. The Brewers might finish 3rd or 4th in the division this year, but at least they'll have a future.

In the offseason, hopefully the Brewers can sign a top of the rotation starter. (Probably not an ace, though. The Brewers don't have Yankee money. I'm a realist not a dreamer.) They should resign Felipe Lopez to a multiyear deal, but DO NOT overpay. Then resign Trevor Hoffman, Jason Kendall and Mike Cameron to 1 year deals. Trade Corey Hart and J.J. Hardy for prospects. And GASP, look into trading Prince Fielder for MULTIPLE STUD PITCHING PROSPECTS ONLY! He's eventually going to leave for more money anyway. This way the Brewers can maximize their return now. And last, but certainly not least, sign Craig Counsell. Give him what he wants. A new Harley? Ask him what color. Lifetime Miller Park seats? Ask him where he wants to sit. He is the sparkplug. The leader. The Wisconsin boy.

So the 2010 Milwaukee Brewers would look like this: C-Jason Kendall, 1B-Mat Gamel, 2B-Felipe Lopez, SS-Alcides Escobar, 3B-Casey McGehee, LF-Ryan Braun, CF-Mike Cameron, and RF-Rickie Weeks. Starting Rotation-Yovani Gallardo, Manny Parra, Dave Bush, Suppan or Looper, and the free agent. The closer once again would be all-time saves leader, Trevor Hoffman.

I could live with that team in 2010. At least it would be competitive. The one thing Doug Melvin has to do is upgrade the the majors and the minors. Not doing so would be unforgiveable. Not doing so will probably cost him his job.

Wow. I'm already looking towards 2010. There's still 2 months left. Can the Brewers reach the leaders? Maybe. Will the Brewers slump late in the year like the last few seasons? Probably. Oh well. I still have tickets to 2 more games at Miller Park this year, plus my father/son trip to see the Brew Crew in St. Louis.

Go Brewers!

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