Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gamerscore Whoring Final Tally

So my MONTH of gamerscore whoring is over. How did I do? So-so.

My goal for June was to get an achievement a day. I met my goal easily. There were only 5 days when I earned a single achievement.

My secondary goals were to earn 20,000 points and finish 10 games. I did not achieve either. An epic fail! I only added 19,575 points bringing my total score to 25,505. I missed finishing 10 games by only 1 game. I completed 8 retail and 1 arcade game. It should have been easy to complete 10 games; however, in 2K Sports infinite wisdom, they shut down the servers for every game that did not have 2k9 in the title. Bullshit!

On a side note, I am also now at 70 consecutive days played on my 360. My old streak was 63. I'm shooting for 100. Wish me luck!

I did have big scare when it came to continuing my streak. On June 16th, Microsoft took XBOX Live offline for 24+ hours for maintenance. Luckily, I did play offline that day plus erased that day from existence so it would not effect anyone's streak.

So here is my final gamerscore tally:
Achievements Earned: 513 (17.1 achievements per day)
Points Earned: 19,575 (652.5 points per day)
Biggest Achievement Day: June 30 (125 achievements)
Biggest Point Day: June 27 (4,240 points)
Finished Games: 9
  • Madden 08
  • NCAA March Madness 07
  • NCAA March Madness 08
  • NCAA Basketball MME (Arcade)
  • NBA 2k6
  • College Hoops 2k6
  • MLB 2k6
  • Avatar: TLA: TBE
  • Fight Night Round 3
June 1st Gamerscore - 5,960
June 30th Gamerscore - 25,505

Final Thoughts...I think the month was fun. However, I am glad that I do not whore everyday anymore. It was long and tedious. Although, there is nothing better than hearing the "ding" of an achievement pop. I will do it again next year, but I will savor the time in between. Plus, with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 dropping by the end of the year, I will not have much time for whoring.

Thinking back, maybe June was not the greatest month for my whoring adventure. There were a few days when I did not have time to play much. Three different Brewers games, Father's Day, and Doug's 30th birthday all took time away. Next year I'll plan better. Plus, Battlefield: Bad Company monopolized most of my time. It was hard to say no when Murda texted "Wanna kill?" Some days, bitches just need to be killed.

I also wanted to make the point that I did not use game saves or SPGs. I was tempted as the clock ticked down, but then I realized that the only person I'd be cheating was myself. I'd rather fail honestly then succeed with cheats.

On a lighter note, my first achievement in June was "King of the Hill" in MLB 2k9. My last achievement was "Press START to Play" in The Simpsons Game. It was the easiest achievement...ever. No, really. The game told me it was.

In the meantime, I can FINALLY leave the house! W00T! W00T!

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