Monday, August 10, 2009

0 to 175 in Two and a Half Minutes

Since Facebook, MySpace and blogs seem to bring out everyone's inner poet, I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring.

I wait for a sign from the heavens.
Finally, green, I go.
My front tire jumps off the ground,
the force rips through my body.
Jane, a friend, but yet more, feels it too.
Her body melts onto my back.
She holds tight, not wanting to fall.
I pull the throttle more
momentarily slowing to shift gears,
we lean as one, eating up the beautiful curves.
I glance down, 110, 115, 120
I have never experienced speed like this.
so I pull the throttle back even farther.
The vibrant color streaks by,
no sounds, but Jane’s heart beating faster, faster.
I go for it all
I peek back down
I climax at 175, something I have never experienced
Euphoria overwhelms my body
Grabbing tighter, tighter
Jane trembles from exhilaration
I slow down only after the feeling escapes us
We arrive at her house,
Our journey over.
I dismount to walk her to the door
And after a good night kiss,
I climb back on to try it again,
this time, by myself.

(This is obviously a joke and not a reflection of my true writing abilities. If you think otherwise, please read this POST. In this case, you're the B.)

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