Tuesday, August 4, 2009

#7, Michael Vick, Backup Quarterback, Green Bay Packers?

First off, I know it will NOT happen.

Second, I am a dog lover. I was appalled.

Third, to this day, I'm still sore that the Falcons beat the Packers in the playoffs. It was the Packers first postseason loss at Lambeau. And of course, I had to be there.

However, Michael Vick is a weapon. That is the biggest reason I think Vick would be great in the Green and Gold. The NFL is a league of weapons. Look at the Cardinals. They were never out of it because of their plethora of weapons. Also, look at the Dolphins. In 2007, they were horrible. Then in 2008, they ran the Wildcat offense and befuddled defenses. That team did not have 11-5 talent.

Yes, the defensive coordinators around the league will figure out the Wildcat, but no team would have a player as dynamic as Vick running it. He can run, pass and catch.

The backlash from any team signing Vick would be severe. I am not a man of God, but people can be forgiven...if they show remorse. Vick paid his due. He did hard time in a federal penitentiary. He's trying to make amends and prove that he has put dog fighting behind him. He should never stop apologizing. He should never stop trying to improve his image. The moment he stops, he fails.

There are a few things the Packers would have to do if they signed Vick. They need to clear it with Aaron Rodgers. Tell him that Vick has absolutely no shot at the starting spot. Also, tell Vick that. Then, they need to clear it with their sponsors. Get the Humane Society, PETA and any other sponsor connected with animals to make positive statements regarding Vick. Something to the effect that Vick paid his dues and is actively trying to pay his debt to society. Next, set a zero tolerance policy. Make sure Vick knows it is one and done. One mistake and Vick gets kicked to the curb. McCarthy and Thompson have enough clout to make sure Vick stays in line. Plus, the Packers have enough veteran leadership to keep Vick on the straight and narrow. Do not alienate the fans or make them feel like the team is hiding something. Get out in front of the story. Explain what Vick did was horrendous. Show how he has paid for his crimes. Finally, sign Vick to a low cost contract. Throw some escalators in the contract, but Vick would probably take anything above the league minimum at this time. I mean a small contract in the NFL is better than a big contract in the UFL.

Vick in the Green and Gold is a pipe dream. But it's too amazing not to think about. Just like the possibility of drafting Michael Crabtree, Vick playing for the Packers would be electrifying. He would make the offensive unstoppable. Aaron Rodgers, Ryan Grant, Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, Jermichael Finley, James Jones AND Michael Vick? Need I go on?

The Packers cannot afford a distraction like the Favre implosion last year. However, the Packers will have to decide whether Michael Vick, the player, can help them more than Michael Vick, the person, could hurt them.

I think it's worth the risk to find out.

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