Saturday, August 1, 2009

100 Straight Days of XBOX!

I have now gamed on my XBOX 360 for 100 straight days. Yes, I know. I'm still proud of my milestone though.

Most of those days were spent killing on the Battlefield with Murda and sometimes Matt and Jeff would join the fight. It was almost poetic that on my 100th straight day, Murda got his XBOX back from Microsoft. There was some serious killing going on.

In honor of my 100th day, I decided to get at least 100 achievement points. Some were fun to get. Here's the list...
  • Duke Nukem 3D - Shake It Baby
  • The Bigs - Strikeout!
  • The Bigs - Strikeout x3
  • The Bigs - Double
  • The Bigs - Triple
  • NCAA Football 08 - Complete a 60 Yard Pass
  • NCAA Football 08 - Break a 60 Yard Run
  • NCAA Football 08 - 50 Yard Punt
  • NCAA Football 10 - Bustin' Loose
I tracked my progress at Check out my blogging 360 at The site is awesome. It creates a blog from your 360's point-of-view. Try it. You'll enjoy it.

As you can see, I also changed my gamer picture. It's Dancing Time! Plus, it seems as though my Live rep went down. Someone gave me an unsporting conduct review. It's probably because in one match I was running around knifing bitches. I had 2 double knife kills and 8 in total. Sorry, but "Gotcha Bitches!" Here is the entry from my 100th day...
A good gamerpic is like art... everyone has a different opinion about what is good. Too bad I am right and the rest of you are all tasteless suckers... this is the best pic ever. Admit it! In gaming related news... Lunchbox37 hit the switch and fired me up yesterday... his total gamer score is 25,680.That is an increase of 105 points over last time! He played NCAA® Football 10 finishing 1 achievement, NCAA® Football 08 finishing 3 achievements, The BIGS, Battlefield 1943™, Ghostbusters, The BIGS 2, Duke Nukem 3D, BF: Bad Company, and think of all the things we learned! Ha... look at me still typing this blog entry when there is gaming to do! Let's keep it up Lunchbox37! Also, don't tell Lunchbox37 I told you this, but we have now gamed 100 days in a row... he doesn't like to share that with others.

Also, Lunchbox37 is the complete suck. Our gamer reputation actually decreased yesterday... I am going to have to give him a talking to!
I won't get to 200 since I'm headed to St. Louis in September, but it was fun to get to at least 100. I'll probably stop after the 137th day. I have to end it on that day. I mean come on. It includes 37. Wait. Does that make my 360 a whore? Yes. Yes, it does. By the way, boys. She's available for parties.

My favorite achievement in the last 100 days. I love to tip strippers...especially digital strippers from 1996. Damn, I'm good.

My 2nd favorite achievement in the last 100 days. It's the easiest achievement ever. (The Simpsons Game says so.) All you have to do is press start. Literally. Just. Press. Start.

Murda and I bringing the pain on the Battlefield during my 100th day and his 1st with his "new" 360.

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