Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1st 2009 Brewer Game at Miller Park

I went to my first Brewer game for the season. They beat the lowly Pirates 6-5.

Matt, Dan and I tailgated. We made some regular brats and cheese brats. I had some Raspberry Burst Smirnoff Ice. Doug joined us just in time for the eats.

We entered behind home plate and I bought a score card. I have a ritual of buying a hat at each Brewer game I go to so I headed to the new team store behind home plate in search of one. I had my eyes on one of the ball and glove logo hats. I could not find one that fit me. Evidently, my size 8 head makes it impossible to buy a hat at Miller Park. All I wanted was a fitted or flex-fit hat, but I could not find one in my size. We hit up 2 stores and 2 stands before I found one. It is a batting practice flex-fit hat. It's the new logo, but it will do. After I got the shopping bug out of my system, we took our seats in section 427.

As for the game, it started off and ended great. Braun hit a run scoring single in the first to get the Brewers on the board. Pittsburgh answered with 5 unanswered runs. We were getting pissed at the game and I was hungry for some cheese fries (yes, in the mini batting helmet) so we moved down to section 230. I love the fact that one can smoke in the Loge Bar. Matt gave a smoke to a smokin' hot drunk chick. Then the Brewers' bats awoke. In the 5th, Braun got his 2nd RBI on a double and got plated by Mike Cameron. In the 6th, BillHall (Dan tells me his name is one word) hit a home run right at Friday's to make it 5-4. A few batters later, Rickie Weeks hit a 2-run shot into the Brewers bullpen to make it 6-5 Brew Crew. Miller Park was hopping!

The sausage race was interesting. We all put some money on the race. Matt took it with the Polish winning. I picked the Chorizo and he finished tied for last. What a disappointment! Feeling the gambling urge, we went to the right field side to see how fast our balls are. Dan threw 61, Matt 59, and Doug won with a 69. Doug took it waaaaay too serious as he does with all bets. Since we were in the right field area, we sat in section 208.

Then came the top of the 9th and the bells. Once the bells started tolling, Miller Park errupted. Trevor Hoffman strolls out to the mound and finishes off the Pirates for his first save as a Brewer.

The final score was Milwaukee 6, Pittsburgh 5.

On the way out, I noticed a guy wearing a Arizona Diamondbacks jacket. I did not notice at first, but Doug pointed out the guy's ring. It looked like the World Series ring. I think he was scouting the Brewers for their upcoming weekend series, which I'm also going to.

All-in-all, I had fun and it was a great game. It did not hurt that the Brewers won. It made getting home at midnight seem early. I cannot wait for Sunday's game. It's Brauny bobblehead doll day. FTW!

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