Saturday, April 25, 2009

2009 NFL Draft Recap - Day 1

So the 2009 NFL draft has begun and Day 1 is in the books. Here's my recap from a Packer fan's perspective.

1st Round -

Packers Pick: B.J. Raji - DT, Boston College. I like it. It's growing on me. It's not sexy, but it helps the team. It will give us someone stout up front against the great runners in our division. I'm positive Adrian Peterson cannot run over Raji. Plus, in 2009, Ryan Pickett can start and Raji can spell him. Then next year when Pickett's contract is up, Raji can step in and start. I remember how much Gilbert Brown controlled the line of scrimmage during the Super Bowl years. I'm expecting Raji to do the same. I'd be remiss without mentioning that Michael Crabtree was sitting there for us. That would have been amazing. We might not have stopped anyone on defense, but with Rodgers slinging it and Crabtree added to the best receiving corps in the NFL, the Pack would have scored 40 every game. It'll be interesting when Crabtree and the 49ers come to Lambeau Field on November 22nd.

Packers Pick: Clay Matthews, Jr. - OLB, USC. This was a shock. A good shock, though. TT never trades up. He gave up a lot, but drafted a talented 3-4 OLB with a great pedigree. TT has instantly improved a lackluster defense. I think we can plug Matthews in for the next 10 years. He'll be a starter by week one. He walked on at USC only to dedicate himself to becoming a great player through hard work. Matthews could be our DeMarcus Ware or Shawn Merriman. I am really impressed with this pick.

Best Pick: Michael Crabtree going to the 49ers with the 10th pick. It gives them their first stud wide receiver since that cancer T.O. left town. Crabtree was high on everyone's board. Hell, the Packers had Crabtree as #1 on their board. Now only if the 49ers could get a quarterback to throw him the ball. Once a QB gets to San Fran, Crabtree will be a perennial Pro Bowler. Do you think the Niners are still kicking themselves for taking Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers? I think that turned out pretty good...for the Packers.

Worst Pick: Darrius Heyward-Bay going to the Raiders 7th overall. Are you kidding me? Maybe if Crabtree, Maclin, AND Harvin were off the board, then it would have been an okay pick. This will go down as one the worst picks EVER! Maybe Robert Gallery can give Heyward-Bay advice on how to be bust. Mel Kiper gave this pick a F. I would say that is too high. I'll call it was it was - STUPID! This is why the Raiders are the Raiders. Al Davis needs to step back into oblivion. The only thing that was good about the pick is that it increased the options that were available to the Packers.

Most Surprising: See Worst Pick. If you have forgot already, the Raiders are FUCKING MORONS! Ha-Ha!

2nd Round -

Packers Pick: No picks since TT moved up into the first. Did I mention I am amazed by that? I was sitting there watching the draft with my dad. At around pick 22, I said wouldn't it be great to get Matthews. Then I was like, "Never mind. TT won't go up to get him." As the 26th pick came up, my dad said "It's the Packers!" He was was damn near every Packer fan. Great first day, TT!

Best Pick: Hands down it's Rey Maualuga going 38th to the Cincinnati Bengals. This guy is a beast. He's mean. He's a leader. He's just plain nasty. Some mocks had him going in the low teens, but he drops to early in the second. That's what I call a good value pick. I hope Maualuga plays with a chip on his shoulder. He should, too. I'm just glad he's in the AFC.

Worst Pick: I have nothing against Alphonso Smith or Everette Brown. Although, I do not think Brown will be special. (It's my Jamal Reynolds phobia.) However, I've never been a fan of trading next year's first round pick for a 2nd in the current year. Denver and Carolina must be really sold on those guys because they came at a high price. What happens if Denver or Carolina get a top 10 pick next year? Neither one of those guys is worth it. If I was a Bronco or Panther fan, I'd be pissed. Actually, if I was a Bronco fan, I'd find the tallest building with the skinniest ledges, but that's because of other things. (Fucking Super Bowl XXXII!)

Most Surprising: It's not surprising that the Bengals picked Maualuga. It IS surprising he was still there at 38. The Bengals got a steal on this kid. I listened to Ken Norton Jr. talk about him. Wow. Norton, himself a great LB, says Maualuga is a great LB and will be a perennial Pro Bowler. I believe him. He's a beast. Both of them.

Day 1 Notes -

No Wisconsin players drafted. Not surprising though. If Beckum would have came out last year, I think he would have gone late 1st or early 2nd round. What a difference a year makes. On the same subject, P.J. Hill will probably not be drafted. He should have came back. It would have at least gave him a better chance at getting drafted. Maybe the Packers can pick him up as an undrafted free agent. I also love the shorter clocks. 10 minutes is just the right amount of time. I wonder what the GMs think about it. There are a few things I miss though. I miss the 3rd round picked on day 1. I also miss live look-ins into war rooms. It was interesting to see the setups and the interactions. Note to ESPN: Please bring the war room cameras back!

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