Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To Mod or Not To Mod. That is the Question I'm Blogging About

I have never been afraid to cheat on my 360, but only when it came to gamerscore. Boosting and game saving helped me reach the 100,000 gamerscore plateau. That all came crashing down when Microsoft reset my score and labeled me a cheater. I have not game saved since. However, I have NEVER cheated in an online game. (Doug, Ed, and Murda would beg to differ regarding a Madden game on New Year's Eve a few years back. However, it was NOT me. The 360 accidentally turned off. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

There are different ways to cheat in-game. One can use a modded controller. (A modded controller has buttons on the back that turns the triggers into turbo. Basically, it turns a powerful single shot rifle into an unstoppable, fully automatic killing machine.) One could glitch to get to places the game designers did not intend players to be. Or one could use a glitch that eliminates the artillery gun's reload time. The first two were EXTREMELY prevalent in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare...even to this day. The last glitch was in Battlefield: Bad Company. Every time Murda or Matt or I ran into someone we knew was cheating, we immediately made them avoided players. (In XBOX Live, you can either prefer or avoid another player. Basically, it either increases or decreases the chances of playing with them again.) We also reported a Live Violation for system tampering (modded controller) or cheating (glitching.)

I was never tempted because I knew it would not make that big of a deal to me. I was new to first person shooters so my reflexes were not as quick as others. Plus I did not know the maps all that well. That has now changed in Battlefield: Bad Company. I've played so much that I know the maps by heart. I can tell others where snipers will be. I know where the opponent will make their first line of attack. I blow up certain walls to make defending easier. I take out emplacements to make attacking easier. I know what kits are best to use on certain crates. If I'm not first overall in points after a match, I'm probably tops on my team. At the very least, I'm top 3 on my team. If I do not finish in the top 3, it irrates me. Luckily, that does not happen often.

But I think I've peaked. I do not seem to be getting better (or worse for that matter.) So the other day, I happened to be cruising eBay and noticed modded controllers for sale. They used to be over $200 so I was fiscally prohibited from buying one. But it seems the prices have dropped. They now can be bought for $75 and that includes custom lighting and color dyes. My conscience is preventing me from getting one...at the moment. But who will know if I get one? It's hard to tell in Battlefield: Bad Company. The only for sure way to know is when a sniper has an automatic pistol. It's easier to tell in CoD 4: MW and CoD: WaW due to the kill cams. During the kill cam, if the gun recoils 1 time, but 50 bullets come out, it's a modded controller. I really want one, but I can't seem to pull the trigger (pun intended.)

So should I or shouldn't I? I'm set on NO for now, but after every match, I'm leaning more and more towards YES.

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