Friday, April 17, 2009


I won't confess to knowing much about the stock market. I know enough to be dangerous - to my retirement savings that is. But I recently have opened an eTrade account to play with. I bought some Citigroup stock and made a modest profit. I then decided to roll the dice and bought some AIG. I know that the government has sunk billions of dollars into the company, but come on. Will the government really let this company fail? I bet not. So I want to see $2.00 in the near future for this company. Then I can sell and take a profit. Hopefully, it then drops back down near $1.25 so I can buy back in. Poppa needs some profits! Also, bought some AIG in my TDAmeritrade account, but that's my HSA retirement funds so I'm long on AIG there. Can't worry on day-to-day activity in a portfolio that I want to support me in 30 years.

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