Monday, May 4, 2009

Braun Bobblehead Doll Day

May 3rd will be a Brewer game that will be talked about for a long time and for many reasons - pregame tailgating, home runs, flying peanuts, Trevor Hoffman, postgame tailgating, and oh yeah, Matt.

The guys got together to go to the game. Neal, me, Dan, Ed, MattD, MattE, MattS, and Dave went to see the Brewers beat the Diamondbacks 4-3. The Sheboygan crew of MattS, Neal, Ed and I met the Madison crew of MattE, Dave, MattD and Dan at the park and ride by State Fair Park so we could follow each other in and park next to each other. I think Ed was the only one without a roadie in his hand.

Once in the lot, we started tailgating. And when it comes to tailgating, we are professionals. I brought the big Weber grill. Nothing beats grilling with charcoal. The spread included Salchert’s pork and steak sandwiches, deviled eggs, chips and salsa, mint brownies, and pork ‘n beans (cooked in the can, on the grill...yum!) MattS also picked up some fresh Sheboygan hard rolls. Plus, we had 3 coolers of liquor. I brought along corn hole and a football, but nobody wanted to exercise. After a few drinks and eats, we decided to head in.

Best Pregame Tailgating Moment: (Tie) The first was Dan screaming at a guy parked behind us who used his car alarm to find his car. I agree with Dan that the guy was an idiot, but I have to admit, Dan might have overreacted. The funniest thing was that the guy was with his young son. Yikes! The second was MattS getting lost on his way back from the Port-a-John. We parked only a few hundred feet away. But that’s what he gets for starting the day off with Irish coffee.

On our way into the stadium, we all got a Ryan Braun bobblehead doll. Dave's (the one in the picture) was battle damaged. Once in the game, we took our seats in row 8 of section 229. I should have planned ahead for the roof being open because our seats were in the blazing hot sun. I did not spend a lot of time in my seat. MattD, MattS, Neal and I spent some time in the Loge bar. MattS then went back to his seat, but passed out soon after. He was out cold by the 4th inning. Slumped over in his seat, everyone around him was laughing. Around the 7th inning, MattD and I went to go get cheese fries. We were eating them, minding our own business when some jackasses tried to start something. One fucking college boy looked back at MattD and pointed at him to his friends. Then another friend tossed a peanut shell at MattD. MattD asked them what the fuck and they had the balls to say that they did not see him standing there. MattD responded with "You fucking looked at me asshole before you threw it. I'm still here if somethings up." I looked up at them with MattD and they backed down. That's right, pussies! After the game, it took Neal and me about 15 minutes to get MattS out of his seat and then Neal still had to hold him up until we got back to the truck.

As far as the game goes, it was an exciting game. The Brewers jumped out to a quick 3-0 lead thanks to back-to-back homers. The Diamondbacks rallied to tie it at 3, but the Brewers answered to make it 4-3. Everyone knew it was over as soon as the bells rang. Hoffman only needed 8 pitches to close out the Brewers victory.

Best Game Moment: It is easily MattS falling over backwards into the row ahead of us. He biffed it big time! I wish I would have remembered to take a picture. The best part was that it was the first inning! He really enjoyed tailgating!

Best Brewer Moment: This one was a toss-up between Cameron and Fielder hitting back-to-back jacks and Trevor Hoffman saving the game. I have to go with the home runs because a few days earlier I got to see Hoffman save a game. Back-to-back home runs are rarer.

After the game was over, the traffic was crazy so we all chilled in the parking lot. We just stood around until Dave, Ed and I started to throw the football around. Neal was hitting, unsuccessfully, on some chicks and MattS was passed out in the truck. The Madison crew went on their way after an hour and the Sheboygan crew was planning on leaving until Neal met some interesting people. There was a guy wearing a bandanna, but not on his head. He was wearing it on his face some a bank robber in the wild west. Freak!

Best Postgame Tailgating Moment: It has to be Neal working his magic on the four older women tailgating next to us. The ladies were, how do I say this nicely, not ones to write home about. But that did not stop Neal. He was a trooper. Each time he broke the touch barrier, we laughed at him. Unfortunately, his best was not good enough as they left without giving up a phone number.

Once we got back to Sheboygan, we sat at Neal's house for awhile watching tv. Then after dropping off MattS and going back to Neal's to drop off everything he forgot in the truck, Ed and I headed home to relax and order a pizza.

Another great day at Miller Park!

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