Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Movie Mondays - Star Trek

I hated everything Star Trek. The TV series looked cheap. The movies looked boring. And the fans, well, to be nice, they were “special.”

That all changed when J.J. Abrams signed on to direct the new “Star Trek” movie. The previews made the movie look awesome! So when Matt and Dan came up for the Memorial Day BONFIRE, we decided to head to the theater. It was a good decision.

“Star Trek” was funny and touching. There were huge space explosions and intimate scenes with just Spock and Kirk. It had everything that makes a movie great plus some hot, green space poon, which is never bad. As soon as we got out of the theater, Matt asked Dan and I, “Was it just me or was that green chick in her panties hot?” No, Matt, it was not just you.

Also, as a newcomer to the “Star Trek” world, the movie does include some nods to the TV series, but it pretty much starts over. Dan is a Trekkie so it was nice to have him afterwards to fill in the blanks. J.J. crafted a “Star Trek” movie that requires little knowledge of the previous Trek lore, but is still Trek enough to satisfy the vast amount of Trekkies. Sequels are a given and after experiencing this movie, I'm excited for them. Plus, I enjoyed the movie so much that I am seriously considering going back to watch the TV series and movies. “Star Trek” was an all-around hit for the producers, creators, and J.J.

I definitely recommend seeing “Star Trek” in the theater because there are quite a few special effects and some will be lost during the transition to the small screen. In fact, I plan on seeing it again if Marcus Theatres puts “Star Trek” on their Spotlight Movies list. Plus, I'll be first in line for the DVD special edition.

Oh my God, I think I'm becoming a Trekkie.

Somewhere a pig is flying.

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