Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My TIVO Weeps For Thee!

Now that the networks have released the fall prime time TV schedules, it is time to mourn the loss of my favorite shows. In their infinite wisdom and foresight, the networks have axed five shows that were staples in my TIVO.

CBS canceled “The Unit.” A great military drama that provided my action fix while “Burn Notice” was on hiatus. Goodbye, Snake Doctor, Cool Breeze, Whiplash, Hammerhead, Dirt Diver, Betty Blue and the rest of the Unit crew.

ABC showed “Pushing Daisies” and “Dirty Sexy Money” the door. With those losses, I am down to “Scrubs” as the only show on ABC I watch. Wow, has the ABC network fallen. The one good thing that ABC is doing is showing the last 3 unaired episodes of “Pushing Daisies.” The episodes will air on Saturday nights starting May 29th.

NBC decided to prematurely kick “My Name is Earl” to the curb. However, there is hope! FOX and ABC are deciding whether or not to pick up “Earl.” From early indications, it looks as if “Earl” has a good chance at latching on with another network. The show is brilliant. I am befuddled that more people do not watch “Earl.” What is wrong with you?

Lastly, CW ended “Reaper's” run. “Reaper” was a highly underrated show that would have been huge hit if it was aired a major network. I'm most bummed about “Reaper” if “Earl” is not picked up, but I wish they all could have been saved. Sam, I hope you got out of your deal with the Devil. Thanks to CW, we'll never know!

I enjoyed the laughs, cries, screams, and other emotions each one of you have embraced me with.

I will miss you all!

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