Monday, May 18, 2009

Movie Mondays - Revenge of the Nerds Edition

This week's edition of Movie Mondays is the classic 1980's comedy "Revenge of the Nerds." I remember watching the movie on television and recording it to VHS. Since it is rated "R," all the "good" parts were cut from the movie. I searched and searched for a licensed copy on VHS for years. In the first 20 years it was out, I saw the movie, conservatively, 50 times. About 5 years ago, I finally bought a DVD copy on eBay. It was the first time I ever saw the movie in it's entirely. I was pissed too because I then realized that I could have "thoroughly enjoyed" those missing scenes during my adolescent years.

Over the years, the movie has held up. It's still as funny today as it was in the eighties. And just as relevant. Just the other day at work, some co-workers and I were talking about the scene with Takashi pedaling around the track. And we all knew what he screamed when asked how he is doing. Also, judging by the recent "Family Guy" skit where Peter wins a talent contest by executing the same song and dance as the Nerds do, I'm guessing my co-workers and I were not the only Nerds that the movie resonated with.

So how good is this movie?

Good enough to fuck your mother!

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