Thursday, May 28, 2009

Star Trek: The 2nd Time Around

I went to see “Star Trek” again tonight. Marcus Theatres was nice enough to add it to this week's list of Spotlight Movies. (If you're not signed up for their free, weekly newsletter, you can sign up HERE. The Spotlight movie coupon allows you to see a few selected flicks at any showing on Wednesdays or Thursdays for just $5.00. I see a lot of movies this way since I work ‘til 9 and the normal evening price in SheVegas is $9.00.)

After ripping on Jeff for not asking me to go when he saw “Star Trek,” I decided to call him and ask if he wanted to go. Of course, he did not answer. Oh well, I guess there are better things to do then hang out with a supposedly good friend and enjoy the Trek. (UPDATE: Jeff finally got back to me via text and said that he could not go because his Grandpa was in hospice care. I believe him, but due to some long standing trust and communication issues, I take everything he says with a grain of salt.)

The second viewing increased my love for this movie. Knowing what I now know, after Dan explained some things to me about the Trek universe, helped me understand more the second time through. I still enjoy the big explosions and quick-witted banter, but now I caught more intricacies that J.J. subtly slipped in. And the hot, green space poon!

And there is ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, 100% nothing wrong with some hot ass, green space poon!

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