Monday, May 11, 2009

Movie Mondays - Shooter Edition

I have been a Mark Wahlberg fan since the days of “Good Vibrations” so I try to see every one of his movies. I am also a fan of action movies centering on conspiracies and revenge. So when “Shooter” was released, I was stoked.

“Shooter” revolves around an ex-special forces soldier, played by Wahlberg, who is unwittingly recruited into an assassination plot. Once he realizes that everyone is against him, he goes to work, so to speak. He wrecks havoc on anyone that opposes him.

I love this movie. It has gun fights, car chases, hand-to-hand combat, good one-liners, an uber-hot female friend, and an underdog sidekick. “Shooter” gets my adrenaline pumping. After watching it, I almost always start up my 360 to do some virtual killing. A great movie will evoke emotion in whoever watches it. “Shooter” does just that.

I have to give “Shooter” must see status for action fans. And do not forget to check out “The Wahlberg Walk” during the mountain top sniper scene. Nobody walks like Wahlberg. He oozes style and when he reaches his destination, someone is bound to get fucked up.

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