Saturday, May 2, 2009

Green Bay Packers Season Ticket Waiting List

I am a proud member of the Green Bay Packers season ticket waiting list. Each year, the Green Bay Packers send out a postcard with my waiting list number. I received mine and this year I am number 4291. Last year I was 4387 so I moved up 96 spots. My parents put me on the list during training camp in 1990. I've been on the list for 19 years already and if the current pace holds up, I will get my own tickets in 45 years! I'll be 73 years old. I should preface this by saying that my parents already have season tickets now in section 130 and, fingers crossed, when they decide to pass them down, they will pass them to me.

Here is how my number has decreased over the years:
2008 - 4291
2007 - 4387
2006 - 4453
2003 - 4640
2002 - 5053
2001 - 6405
(Unknown Year) - 8925

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  1. ...or me....

    Didn't they put you on sooner than 90?